Announcing the Andromeda Aluminum Bass Guitar Neck

Announcing the Andromeda Aluminum Bass Guitar Neck

We are proud to unleash our Andromeda aluminum bass necks into the world. After a solid year of R&D and a great reception of our pre-order release, we are now accepting production orders on these fine aluminum bass necks! Weighing in at only 2.5 pounds and coming in 11 fresh colors with a lifetime warranty, you can't lose.

Aluminati Guitars Andromeda Aluminum Bass Guitar Neck

We want to acknowledge that Aluminati Guitar Company follows in the steps of a handful of groundbreaking manufacturers that pushed the envelope of traditional stringed instrument construction. Cherished for its unique tonal qualities and aesthetic vibes, aluminum guitar necks and aluminum bass necks were pioneered by companies such as Travis Bean and Kramer Guitars. These companies are the O.G. creators and forged the path that is being further explored by a number of incredible modern manufacturers. We are proud to be amongst these brands, pushing tradition and tonal possibility - one recycled aluminum billet at a time.

Creativity drives the need for technology. Only with our imaginations do we develop the tools to make ideas into reality. This is part of the reason we worked tirelessly for years to develop the technology and working relationships behind Aluminati Guitar Company. We had to find ways to fix the problems of the past while creating our vision of the future. We never compromise on the expectations of the traditional player, and progressive guitarists will find new ways of expression and sonic mastery. We believe with the Andromeda line of aluminum bass necks and our Nebula 3x3 and Aurora 6 in-line aluminum guitar necks, we have done just that; solved problems of the past while opening doors to the future.

With our aluminum bass necks, you’ll have a number of features that are traditional and inviting to anyone who plays wood, such as our comfortable “C” cross-section. The 34-inch scale length offers any bassist a vast tonal pool with a deep low end. If you're one of those players that likes to dive even further, our hollow 6061 T6 grade aluminum bass neck with a carbon fiber fretboard offers immense structural stability, allowing you to try alternate tunings and set ups to achieve your sound.

Aluminati Guitars Andromeda Aluminum Bass Guitar Neck

Our decade-long relationship with Sperzel tuners, and the overall construction of the Andromeda aluminum bass neck, puts tuning accuracy and stability at your fingertips. Not to mention, our bolt on brass nuts allow on the fly string gauge changes.

The hollow construction of our bass necks provides a deep lasting resonance that can be felt by the player. Pair that with the tonal clarity of aluminum as a substrate, and you have an insanely capable tool to serve your craft. Stainless steel frets come standard on the Andromeda. As with every aluminum guitar neck, bridge, or full instrument we build, they come with a lifetime warranty. From studio to stage, our instruments are built to last and we back that claim up!

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