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I’ve had my Andromeda bass neck for about three months now. I cannot say enough good things about this thing!! So much more sustain, no truss rod adjustments, will take CRAZY low action, perfect neck profile, etc.

Jeff Baucom

Not only is James and his team extremely communicative and transparent with the process, the product is flawless. Trust me, I've tried ALL of the other brands and aluminum guitars, and this is in a different league.

Adam GF

Love this company. Love their guitars, and their customer service is unmatched. If you are in the market for aluminum, or customizing your current rig, look no further.

Michael Lane

The first night I sat down and really had a session with my new Aluminati guitar neck was nothing short of a religious experience. I've been playing guitar for 17 years and I've never felt such limitless potential on a guitar.

Chris Young

A uniquely beautiful guitar. The lightweight aluminum neck creates an amazing tone, and doesn’t strain your shoulders at all. Not to mention it is an absolute piece. If you play live people will certainly approach you with questions. Highly recommend:)

Harrison Street



From colors to configurations, at Aluminati we excel in bringing our customers dreams to fruition. Drop us a line, text or call for quick and easy answers to your questions.

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