Perpetually Modern, Instantly Classic

Increase Your Tonal Possibilities

with advanced materials

Handmade in Asheville, NC

We take meticulous care building each of our instruments

Customize Your Guitar

With an Alumicrown bridge to brighten tone and get cleaner string definition

Why Aluminati?

fender stratocaster neck

Lightweight, Infinitely Playable Guitars

Our aluminum necks combined with our molded carbon fiber fretboards are perfectly balanced to each body style, for an instrument with no neck dive and more tuning stability than any other guitar on the market.

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AlumiCrown: A Rainbow of Tones

The difference is instantly recognizable. AlumiCrown bridges increase sustain and tonal color from the moment you hit the first chord. You'll hear each string ring through clearly. Lightweight and easy-to-install. Each bridge is precision-engineered, finished by hand and anodized with a satin finish. Available in 11 colors.

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Our R&D department rigorously tests each new model to ensure you get the lightest weight and most well balanced aluminum guitar on the planet. 

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