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Superior sustain and durability!

Jack Parsons on Oct 29, 2019

James went above and beyond to make sure my Nebula neck worked perfectly on my Peavey T-60. The neck is extremely durable, comfortable, and sleek. It really brings out the “piano-like” quality that you get in old Travis Bean and Kramer guitars and basses. Couldn’t recommend Aluminati highly enough - at a highly competitive price point to the other heavy-hitters like EGC and Alef, I’m extremely satisfied and would love to work with James on a fully-aluminum model sometime in the future!

Jack Parsons, Oct. 19

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I own quite a few Aluminum guitars and necks from Aluminati of course but also Robot Graves, Alef, Electrical Guitar Company, Normandy and Liquid Metal not to mention a few others. First the service James and the Gang at Aluminati are first rate people to work with providing clear consistent communication, you can feel confident in your purchase. Now the neck it's a revelation and nothing like the solid necks available from literally all the other manufacturers. The weight the feel of the fret board the shape all feels like a regular wood neck. Slightly cool to the touch and then you pluck a note or strum a chord and that's where the magic happens. The neck vibrates in a way you have never felt before, you can feel the notes you play in a whole new way. If you want that aluminum sound with maintenance free while maintaining the balance and feel of a traditional wood neck this is it, the search is over. Highly recommended so much so I have inline necks on order can't wait!

Matt S, Dec. 15

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In terms of ease of play and reliability this instrument has no equal that I’ve encountered in over 40 years of guitar playing. I’ve owned a lot of guitars and do not keep those that I don’t resonate with on a deep level. This thing is fast , simple , and beautiful- all the things that make for a long and meaningful relationship. I’ll take this one with me to the the spirit world !
Thanks James for your drive and innovation!

Gregg Prickett - Unconscious Collective

Why Aluminati?

AlumiCrown: A Rainbow of Tones

The difference is instantly recognizable. AlumiCrown bridges increase sustain and tonal color from the moment you hit the first chord. You'll hear each string ring through clearly. Lightweight and easy-to-install. Each bridge is precision-engineered, finished by hand and anodized with a satin finish. Available in 11 colors.

Lightweight, Infinitely Playable

Our aluminum necks combined with our molded carbon fiber fretboards are perfectly balanced for weight and tone, no neck dive and more tuning stability than any other guitar on the market.

The Spirit of Technology

Our R&D department rigorously tests each new product we develop to ensure you get the lightest weight and most well balanced aluminum instrument on the planet. 

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