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Aluminati Guitar Company is a cutting edge guitar and guitar parts manufacturer based in Asheville, North Carolina. We specialize in connecting innovation and tradition by applying high-tech machining and design processes to the age old art of guitar building.

We utilize nontraditional materials such as recycled aluminum and lucite to produce highly efficient instruments with a minimal carbon footprint. All of our parts are sourced exclusively from USA based companies and assembled by hand in the mountains of North Carolina. 

Aluminati Guitars was founded in 2009 with one goal in mind: to make the best sounding instrument on the planet.

This soon turned into many goals. The best playing instrument. A lightweight instrument that's so easy to play, it almost plays itself. A guitar with virtually no maintenance. A guitar with classic proportions, but an instantly recognizable modern design. A guitar built with sustainable materials, right here in the good ol' US of A.

In short, a guitar with every desirable feature. The lowest action, no neck dive, heel-less neck joint, the highest quality components, bell-like sustain, and the singing tone only an aluminum instrument can deliver.

If you are looking for a guitar with a neck that will never need that yearly adjustment or fret job, we got you covered. If you are a discerning studio musician searching for the ultimate tone machine, look no further. Want to experiment with the aluminum sound on your own axe? Bolt on an one of our aftermarket necks with an AlumiCrown bridge. We work tirelessly to bring you the best playing, most advanced guitars and components on the planet so you can expand your sonic horizons in style.

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We have just opened the showroom of our shop in Asheville, North Carolina. If you are interested in getting your hands on an instrument or setting up a tour, get in touch or stop on by!

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Interested in what we have going on? There is always something in the works at Aluminati. Check out our blog to see what we have been up to and what is coming your way.

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If you are anything like us then you care as much about the how as you do the why. We pride ourselves on utilizing cutting edge technology and pushing our design thinking to constantly improve our product offerings. Dive in to the details!

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Hi-Tech Ingredients

A bit about lucite

Lucite or polymethyl methacrylate, is a synthetic organic compound with high durability and constant tonal qualities. It is denser than any tonewood providing less energy transfer from string vibrations, and scientifically chambered for resonance and weight. We prefer to build our instrument bodies from this medium because of the consistency that we can achieve, this allows us to streamline processes and deliver an invariable product. We also highly value the fact that lucite is extremely durable so breakage leading to waste is minimized and if it occurs lucite is a recyclable product used in the construction and medical fields.

6061 T6 Aluminum

We clearly love aluminum and that love begins with playability. Our aluminum necks have instant attack, ultra defined note clarity and an overall inspiring feel under your fingers. With our necks being chambered you end up with a highly resonant yet articulate platform that is lightweight and extremely durable. There is no need for a truss rod with aluminum as it is a static material and once set up it will not move. Beyond playability 6061 T6 is a sustainable alternative to traditional woods used throughout the guitar industry. We recycle our byproduct from manufacturing to contribute to sustainably producing future blanks.

Inside Out

Beyond taking great pride in our use of aluminum and lucite in our instruments, we also have put in years of research into all the details and components that make up the rest of our instruments. We have gone to the point of machining our own washers to make sure that everything fits tight, weighs light and plays right. Furthermore we utilize CTS or Bourne pots and Sprague "Orange Drop" capacitors when we hand wire all of our instruments.

Do you have questions? Drop us a line, we are happy to help.

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