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Curious of the features behind the benefits? Benefits like tonal clarity, increased sustain and playability in a product with little to no maintenance? Look no further. Check out our Andromeda Bass Neck product overview here!

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While we love aluminum through and through, our number one goal is to create the most efficient product that suits the player. After years of developing different variants of aluminum necks and trouble shooting issues like weight and tuning stability we developed our proprietary chambered necks and found that carbon fiber was the ideal variable to ensuring the quality of product that we demand. Working with companies that develop parts for F1 Racing programs and Aerospace agencies we had the good fortune of being in proximity to the technology and design sense that allowed us to develop our carbon fiber fretboards...

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Aluminati Guitar Company, Aluminati Guitars, Aluminium Bass, Aluminum Bass Neck, aluminum guitar, aluminum guitar neck, aluminum neck, Bass Guitar -

We are proud to unleash our Andromeda aluminum bass necks into the world! After a solid year and change of R&D, and a great reception to our pre-order release, we are now accepting production orders on these fine aluminum bass necks! Weighing in at only 2.5 pounds and coming in 11 fresh colors with a lifetime warranty, you can't lose.

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