Green Goals


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In addition to the fantastic sonic benefits and extreme ruggedness of the materials used in Aluminati guitars, the processes we use have minimal impact on our environment.

Making guitars from sustainable materials is a critical direction for the guitar industry to move into. The United States alone sells between 2-3 million guitars a year. The majority of these instruments are produced from materials that must be transported from other countries, compounding the impact of burning fossil fuels with the negative aspects of harvesting wood.

In fact, many tonewoods are becoming scarce or even illegal to harvest and range from around 50-250 years old before being mature enough to harvest for guitars. Additionally, many rare woods are considered solitary growers, meaning they grow amongst throngs of different species leading to additional clear cutting in order to access these species.

Though guitars only put a dent in global lumber use, turning to recycled and sustainable materials is an inevitable move for most industries. Especially if the lifetime of the product is extended drastically when these materials are implemented correctly.

We have the information and technology to change, so let's do it!  

The Aluminati Solution:

Aluminum is extremely efficient to recycle, saving 95% of the energy needed to produce new aluminum. Lucite, although often upcycled by consumers, is also recycled largely by the construction and medical industries for windows and surgical devices.

Although recycling and upcycling reduces waste and emissions from the extraction and transportation of virgin materials, the most environmentally friendly products are ones that last a long time and continue to be used within their original intent over generations. This is why all Aluminati guitars are built to last longer than the lifetime warranty they come with.

Aluminum, sometimes referred to as “the green metal”  is considered one of the most efficient and sustainable materials. It’s demand continues to grow and replace other less eco-friendly materials in an increasing number of industries every year.  Aluminum is the most abundant metal on the planet, making up 8.23% of the Earth’s crust. The aluminum that makes up our buildings, vehicles, beer cans come from the ore bauxite, which must be mined.

The fact that ores are mined contributes to the misconception that it is a depletion of natural resources.  However, Aluminum (Al) is an element, and therefore cannot be destroyed or depleted. The Earth’s overall resource deposits of aluminum, and other metallic elements have not decreased but simply change locations and present themselves in different forms.

Though producing primary (new) aluminium does consume large amounts of energy, and waste discharge on the ecology from mining, the low carbon footprint of the material comes from its durability, recyclability and the consistent increase in using cleaner energy, not fossil fuels to power the process. The process of melting Aluminum down to its molten form does not change any properties of the metal and therefore, can be recycled infinitely. This is why 75% of the world’s aluminum ever produced is still in productive use today.

Aluminum is one of the most widely recycled materials and is extremely efficient to recycle, saving 95% of the energy that it would cost to produce new aluminum. You can learn even more about the wonder metal aluminum and its effect on the environment at



What are we doing to become better and more efficient? It is not a perfect science but every bit helps as this is a continuing process.

For starters, we recycle all of our metal and plastic trimmings, and are constantly experimenting and finding out more ways to increase our efficiency and decrease our effect on the environment within manufacturing processes. We have partnered with businesses that are committed to doing the same and we take great pride in utilizing the newest technologies available to push that initiative. 

In our shop we prioritize recycling/upcycling within our retail space and where applicable throughout our day to day processes. Recycled paper, boxes and tape used in shipping and communications are but a few of the simple but meaningful measures we have implemented.   

Within our commitment to constantly push towards our goal of making instruments that will last forever out of totally recycled material with minimal energy/waste, we have discovered some incredible tech and aligned with amazing visionaries in sustainable manufacturing.

One of the more exciting processes/products in development is the construction of a guitar body from additive sculpting (3D printing), that uses much less power and produces almost no leftover material. The first prototype of this body is complete and we will be coming out with a new product line using this new technology very soon!

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