Aurora 6 Inline Aluminum Guitar Neck

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The Aurora features a 6 inline headstock that is well suited for tremolo use.

With our composite fretboard comes lightweight and unparalleled tuning stability. Paired with our 6061 T6 aluminum neck you get that all of that aluminum tone and resonance without any of the weight. In fact our necks come in at 1.8 pounds including tuners. That is as light as and greener than wood!

The cross section is the same as our proprietary necks, an extremely playable 1.75" nut width with a thickness of 0.80" at the nut tapered not only on the sides, but the full back of neck all the way to the heel at 2.20" width with a thickness of 0.90" at the 12th fret.

22 fret Aluminum bolt on neck that fit Fender Stratocaster bodies. Our necks will also fit Telecaster and Peavey T-60 style bodies(there will be two small gaps at the back of the pocket but you wont be able to see them, as our fretboards are extended beyond the neck and will cover that space).

Composite fretboard with pearl fret markers and side dots

25.5" scale with jumbo stainless frets at a 12"radius

Sperzel solid pro string post tuners

Hand cut and polished aluminum bolt on nut

Necks come complete with fretwork and setup for medium gauge strings. Additional work needed to adjust for different gauge strings may be done by a qualified luthier.

** Note that all anodization colors and our woven carbon fiber fretboards are upgrades to our standard products. The cost of these upgrades will be added to your total at checkout. **

  • Necks are built to order and will ship within 120 days

Lefty models are available at no additional charge. As each of our instruments is hand built there may be variances in surface finishes, anodizing, etc...

All necks come with stainless steel mounting hardware, allen key and a 1/4" drill bit to round nasty bits off of holes in your guitar body for ease of installment.

Keep in mind aluminum necks are designed with relief to be pronounced only when strings are installed!

Our necks are precision CNC'd within 0.001". We cannot guarantee your instrument is manufactured to the same specs. Therefore, buyer is responsible for accurately measuring guitar body to ensure the proper fitment of neck. Instruments not made to accommodate the 25.5" scale 22 fret neck will be incompatible due to intonation. In some cases it will take a qualified luthier to make alterations to body for neck to fit. If heel of body is less than 0.975" thick let us know and we will supply you with bolts compatible to your body!

Make sure your instrument fits these criteria before ordering, as there will be no refunds after shipping.

If you need more of a break angle, these shims from StewMac work great!

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