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Aluminati Guitars, NAMM 2021 -

Summer NAMM 2021 has come and gone! Needless to say things were a bit different with this being the first NAMM since the world went into lockdown in 2020. What a trip to reflect on a year of woodshedding that brought us to this point as people and as an industry.  In the last 18 months we have launched a new website with merch, grown our staff with some amazing people, decked out our shop for retail (coming soon!), released our three fully polished aluminum aftermarket necks, a new version of our Nebula Guitar with a polished aluminum neck, our...

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Aluminati Guitar Company, Aluminati Guitars, aluminum guitar neck, aluminum neck, boutique guitar, Guitar Mod, Guitar Upgrade, Nebula -

We will keep it short and sweet. Our Nebula aluminum guitar necks are light weight, durable, fast and fun to play!Have you ever experienced a guitar neck that sets your hands free, allowing the mind/body connection to become fluid and effortless? That is the dream right? Well, we fancy our necks to be just that. Watch this quick video overviewing the specs behind the lightest and best playing aluminum neck on the market. 

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AlumiCrown, Aluminati Guitar Company, aluminum guitar, Aluminum Guitar Bridge, Graphtech, Guitar Bridge -

Needless to say, we love aluminum. We may be a bit biased but we aren't the only ones who have taken notice. Giants of industry like Gibson and PRS amongst many other companies have moved to utilizing aluminum in many applications on guitars. The structural integrity matched with lack of weight is a win win situation for any guitarist looking to increase tonal attributes without increasing the heft of your instrument. That makes complete sense, right? But what are your options? Well, we know you can put a google on it and find plenty of bridges but we are bringing you...

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Aluminati Guitars, Aluminium Bass, Aluminum Bass Neck, Andromeda Bass Neck, Bass Guitar -

Curious of the features behind the benefits? Benefits like tonal clarity, increased sustain and playability in a product with little to no maintenance? Look no further. Check out our Andromeda Bass Neck product overview here!

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6-inline Aluminum Guitar Neck, Aluminati Guitar Company, Aluminati Guitars, aluminum guitar neck, Aurora Guitar Neck, Bass Guitar, carbon fiber -

While we love aluminum through and through, our number one goal is to create the most efficient product that suits the player. After years of developing different variants of aluminum necks and trouble shooting issues like weight and tuning stability we developed our proprietary chambered necks and found that carbon fiber was the ideal variable to ensuring the quality of product that we demand. Working with companies that develop parts for F1 Racing programs and Aerospace agencies we had the good fortune of being in proximity to the technology and design sense that allowed us to develop our carbon fiber fretboards...

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