Why Carbon Fiber Fretboards?

Why Carbon Fiber Fretboards?
While we love aluminum through and through, our number one goal is to create the most efficient product that suits the player. After years of developing different variants of aluminum necks and trouble shooting issues like weight and tuning stability we developed our proprietary chambered necks and found that carbon fiber was the ideal variable to ensuring the quality of product that we demand. 

Working with companies that develop parts for F1 Racing programs and Aerospace agencies we had the good fortune of being in proximity to the technology and design sense that allowed us to develop our carbon fiber fretboards and we are extremely pleased to be the only company on the market to offer a 3x3 and 6 in-line chambered neck with carbon fiber fretboards that do not require a truss rod, have immaculate tuning stability and weigh as much if not less than wooden necks! Not to mention our Andromeda Bass Necks as well! Have a listen to James break it down. 

That being said, since filming this video we have developed an aluminum fretboard that also does the job and we are now happy to provide both of our aftermarket guitar necks, the 3x3 Nebula and the 6 in-line Aurora in full aluminum! Check out the links for more info.

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