Playability of Aluminati Necks. It's What Matters Most.

Playability of Aluminati Necks. It's What Matters Most.

We get a lot of inquiries as to the playability of our aluminum guitar necks. Off the bat compared to wood there is no better or worse, only different and we like different. That being said, we have our preferences and we will point out why they are so. 

Overall the playability of aluminum guitar necks are faster with an increased attack. Two very important dynamics. The smoothness of our brushed aluminum necks allows for the ability to glide and grip with ease. They do not become tacky as your hands sweat and they don't waiver due to stability of the 6061 T6 aluminum and carbon fiber fretboards. 

Along with the feeling of the aluminum, our carbon fiber fretboards allow for a very immediate attack. When playing you'll find that there is a quick and audible response to the slightest of touches. So regardless of grabbing chords or sweeping through scales you achieve articulate voicing with ease. 

The construction of our aluminum guitar necks offers significant stability that offsets tuning issues known in both the aluminum and wooden guitar universe, while providing a resonance that can only be felt in a hollow neck. The same way a semi hollow body reacts differently than a solid body, our hollow necks literally put frequency in your hands that you can feel and manipulate. 

Aluminati Guitars Aluminum Guitar Neck

Beyond physical playability the sonic nature of the Aluminati Aurora 6-inline, Nebula 3x3, and Andromeda necks is unique and versatile. The tonal clarity that comes with the combination of materials allows for the ability to succinctly hear frequencies. Unlike solid necks there is clarity to frequencies that you can pick out. Higher highs and lower lows hold their own and when combined with the right rig they become an absolute dream for the discerning musician. 

At the end of the day, hearing and feeling is believing in the musical world. If you are a seeker of tone, as most of us are, you simply need to get your hands on one to find out. These necks are simply different and must be experienced. 

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