Why aluminum?

Why aluminum?

I always answer, why not? It has rich balanced tonal qualities, can be anodized in any color, doesn't warp in volatile temps or humidity, lasts virtually forever with no wear, can take a serious beating, can be manipulated into beautiful shapes, it is a f#%@ing element (which is cool in and of itself)!

Weight was the only issue that I had a problem with when starting out on this venture, so many years ago. I took it as a challenge and wasn't going to stop until Aluminati necks were the same weight as their wooden counterparts. It took years of finessing the internal structure and the use of FEA (finite elemental analysis) programs to come up with the lightest aluminum neck on the market to date. When paired with our composite fretboards, I find aluminum to be the absolute best material on the planet for the making of a guitar neck. And with that, we still haven't stopped. We have been working on a 7075 T6 neck that is even lighter and more responsive than our classic 6061 units, but that is a whole different story...


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