New Polished Aluminum Guitar Necks

New Polished Aluminum Guitar Necks

You all spoke and we listened. Announcing our all aluminum fully polished 3x3 Nebula and 6 inline Aurora guitar necks

Aluminati has always been about pushing the boundaries of tradition and performance. The way we use advanced materials and manufacturing techniques has raised the bar for the use of aluminum in guitar necks. Tuning stable. Sonically superior. Proven. Now we have pushed the envelope even further: we're proud to release the all-aluminum, polished version of our necks!

Yes, we have been listening and we love the fully polished aesthetic as much as you do. Our goal has been to provide that aesthetic while retaining the highest level of technology and quality.

Our fully polished aluminum guitar necks are 100% 6061 T6 aerospace grade aluminum with polished finishes, stainless steel frets, an aluminum or brass nut, Sperzel tuners - and weigh in at only 2.1 pounds! This is mere ounces over the weight of your standard wood neck and will require far less maintenance. Our fully polished aluminum guitar necks retain our proprietary hollow construction and come with our benchmark lifetime warranty. 

Aluminati Guitar Company Aluminum Guitar Neck

Starting today we will be running a special pre-order for both our Nebula 3x3 and our Aurora 6 inline necks with an additional 20% off! These are retailing at competitive market prices for aluminum necks and with your 20% off discount code you will be able to scoop yours for even less. Hands down - our necks are a great value this holiday season.

We are also currently turning our custom neck and guitar orders in around 60 days. Our small team of builders is on it daily, cranking out the best possible products we can make and we stand by them all the way. We are proud to say that our necks are 100% manufactured in the mountains of Western North Carolina and every instrument turned out of our shop is set up and quality checked to the highest standard. 

Contact us today with any questions, we are happy to help and look forward to connecting with you!


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