2020 In Review

2020 In Review

We want to acknowledge that while we have not gotten out unscathed in 2020, we are grateful for being able to push forward in a time where so many have been stopped in their tracks or in many cases sent back to the starting line. 

Many of our dear friends and colleagues have experienced the worst case scenario both professionally and personally. Our thoughts go out to all of you who find yourself doing all you can to maintain. 

We hope that this coming year provides much needed relief and progress. A return to creativity and connection in the flesh and otherwise. We hope that in times of need and recovery you have a community to help you push through. And we hope that no matter how dark things may be, that we all strive to find strength through our struggle. 

So, that being said, goodbye 2020! You will neither be missed nor forgotten. Woof. 

As much of a doozie as this year has been, we managed to put together a list of some pretty awesome happenings. From new products to new friends, we are excited to share a handful of these developments for posterity. 

  1. New Andromeda Bass Necks: We have been wanting to introduce bass necks for some time and this year we have. Welcome to the Andromeda Aluminum Bass Neck! At Aluminati we love the low end as much as anything else. Being able to apply our proprietary technology and design for bass players around the world is a big ol’ box checked off the list! We are well on our way to introducing a 5 string option and full bass guitars in 2021!

    Aluminati Guitar Company

  2. New Aluminati Members: That's right, there have been additions to the crew! We don't often show too much behind the scenes but let's just say it has gotten a little more entertaining around here. We have been able to expand our production, marketing and MGMT capabilities significantly with some amazingly talented folks. Introductions to come. 

    Aluminati Guitar Company Aluminum Guitar Necks Shop

  3. New Shop: Located in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina and nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains that birthed Aluminati Guitar Co. It is amazing to think for years Aluminati Products were designed and built in backyard sheds and on kitchen tables but no longer. We are actively building out our workshop to suit bigger machinery, new team members, and a future retail space. It's awesome. Growth is good. 

    4. Live music sightings: In a year that put an abrupt stop to touring, it has been a real pleasure to see our gear grace some epic live stream performances. Both Code Orange and The Devil Wears Prada had incredible live streaming events in later 2020 where our Nebula Guitars were spotted. 

Code Orange put on a groundbreaking Halloween performance that raised the bar of the streaming experience. Code Orange, who also picked up a Grammy nomination, Billboard Chart positions and major media nods, is a collective of box shattering musicians and multimedia conceptualists. In our opinion they are responsible for picking up the torch of modern metal and Molotov Cocktailing your moms Buick with it. 

So, needless to say, it was our pleasure to link up with Reba Meyers on the Nebula Dx Custom Shop she rocked for the track Easy Way. Equipped with Lollar DBs, a kill switch and blue LEDs, Reba's Nebula screams all out metal guitar. 

The Devil Wears Prada
holds a special place in our darkest of hearts. Lead singer and guitar player, Mike Hranica, was one of our earliest supporters and is partially responsible for the development of our initial guitar models known as the Keystone. Mike is beautifully brutal with his vocal delivery and TDWP are some of the heaviest yet melodically intelligent players to make waves for the last fifteen years. F’ing legendary. Check out their performances and bear witness. 

5. New Content: 2020 was a good year for reflection. While the pace only slowed for a brief moment around here we were able to acknowledge the need and value of documenting the gear we have been developing for the past ten years. From photos to informational videos and between we are happy to have a full video series on our Youtube that outlines our product lineup and a gang of fun things to look at on our social platforms. It is a full time job keeping up with the social demand but we are continuing to make more content and will be focusing on documenting sounds coming in the new year. 

Depthink Productions, Aluminati Guitar Company

Thanks to DEPTHink Productions for the stellar video work!

6. New Merch: We all love t-shirts and stickers, eh? Yes. Yes, we do. So much so it made this list. Even more designs coming 2021.

Aluminati Guitar Company Andromeda Aluminum Bass Neck in Premier Guitar Magazine

7. Premier Guitar Gear Radar: We are stoked to say that the hard work of developing and releasing the Andromeda Bass Neck was widely received by the musical community and made it on Premier Guitars Gear Radar and a nod in Bass Player Magazine. Thanks for the recognition! 

Aluminati Guitar Company New Website www.aluminatiguitars.com
8. New Website: It's a website and it is new! We are constantly working toward making your experience with Aluminati a better and more informative one. We took the time and made it happen. Hope you enjoy the experience. 

Aluminati Guitar Company Aluminum Guitar Neck

9. New Fully Polished Aluminum Guitar Necks: Alas the time has come that we step to the plate and bring our silver slugger. At Aluminati we started our path by developing a product that would address the issues inherent within the world of aluminum guitar necks which led us down a path of utilizing carbon fiber fretboards in our original Nebula and Aurora aluminum guitar necks. This year we got to a point where we were able to develop a hollow 100% aluminum neck that only weighs 2.1 pounds with tuners and maintains all the benefits and integrity of our highly acclaimed original models. If you are an aluminum purist, check out our new all aluminum necks in both Nebula 3x3 and Aurora 6-Inline models! 

Aluminati Guitar Company Aluminum Guitar Neck

10. New Friends: This year has been a great year for developing relationships. We are blown away by the amount of support we have received from our growing community. From business development advice to a simple hello or a word of encouragement. We cannot thank you all enough for showing up and taking the time to say something supportive. We all get lost in the weeds in the day to day and our friends, new and old, are the best at showing us what counts. Thank you, we love you. 

Onward to 2021!

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