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The Steely-ist of aluminum
More than stoked to have Walter Becker's Aluminati back in the stable! Very humbling to have an artist of his genius pick one of our instruments for his collection. Was very well played (as well as covered in soda?) when...
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Mike Hranica giving Reverb.com the lowdown on his signature Keystone
"When James and I began designing what would become the Keystone, I wanted to create an aluminum instrument that answered to the discrepancies I’ve experienced. Being a Bean and EGC lover, we were able to construct the sound of a proper aluminum guitar while also making something new. James is avid about not mimicking something that already exists and exists properly: I admire that. With that - the Aluminati Keystone. Removable, bolt-on aluminum nut, carbon fiber fretboard (acclimates to temperature less temperamentally than aluminum), adjustable pickup height from the rear of the guitar, and a through aluminum pickguard to ensure the resonance of an aluminum guitar (not just a bolt on aluminum neck). Such specifications allow the guitar to come in at a light seven pounds.” -Mike Hranica
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