Building Aluminum Guitars with Stringjoy & Aluminati

Building Aluminum Guitars with Stringjoy & Aluminati

We had the great pleasure of connecting with Stringjoy last year and have been happily suiting up all of our instruments with their strings ever since. If you have played them, you know! 

In true Stringjoy fashion they continue to deliver quality and this time around it came in the fashion of a brief but enjoyable visit from our new friend Ryan, who also has a great channel called Demos In The Dark. Ryan came through the shop and caught some footage of our build process before sitting with Aluminati Founder, James Little, for a profile on how we build our aluminum guitar necks, aluminum bass necks, and our full guitar and bass builds.

We cover a lot of ground from how Aluminati began, where we are going and our commitment to sustainability, playability and tone. Have a look, like and subscribe to the Stringjoy Youtube Channel and our youtube channel for future content like this! 


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