Aurora 6 Inline Polished Aluminum Guitar Neck

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Our hollowtech aluminum guitar necks are built to fit FMIC neck pockets like a glove. The thickness tapers comfortably from .80" at nut to .90" at the 12th fret with an extremely playable C cross section. 25.5" scale and only 2 lbs including tuners!

All of that aluminum sustain and tone with none of the weight and great tuning stability to boot. Lifetime warranty.

- Hand polished aluminum finish

- Black Sperzel Trim-Lok tuners

- Stainless steel frets at 12" radius

- Hand polished aluminum nut

- Black inlays

- All mounting hardware included


Necks are built to order and will ship within 160 days 

Customer Reviews

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Larry Smiley
Illumination from Aluminati.

I had a particular guitar in mind when I ordered the Aluminum neck from the Aluminati company. However things went south when the neck holes on the body did not align with the neck. So I then chose to use a strat I had assembled last year from parts from ebay and Guitar Fetish. I decided to remove the neck on this guitar and add the Aluminati neck. It was like Cindrella getting the slipper that fit.The guitar plays like butter, and the tone is impeccable. I will admit this guitar is heavy (from a gravitational perspective). So I cancelled my membership to the local gym. I can now bench press my Aluminati strat to stay fit, and play it without fear of it degenerating.

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