Andromeda Bass Neck

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 Our hollowtech aluminum bass necks are built to fit FMIC neck pockets like a glove. The thickness tapers comfortably from .85" at nut to .95" at the 12th fret with an extremely playable C cross section. 34" scale and only 2.5 lbs including tuners!

All of that aluminum sustain and tone with none of the weight and great tuning stability to boot. Lifetime warranty.

- Available in a variety of bright anodized colors

- Hipshot Ultralight tuners

- Custom molded ultra-high modulus carbon fiber fretboard

- Stainless steel frets at 12" radius

- Hand polished brass nut

- Pearl inlays

- All mounting hardware included


Necks are built to order and will ship within 160 days 

Customer Reviews

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The bass neck I've been looking for, for the last 20 years

I received my bass neck in December 2020. I took a chance on this company because I really liked the specs of the neck.

I've had a chance to live with it attached to a body for the last three months. Everything about it is perfect for me personally. I love the medium C shaped neck profile and 1.65" nut .

I previously had been using a different brand graphite bass with a very high shouldered "D" neck profile and 1.625" nut. I like the sound of that bass just fine but the D neck of the all graphite bass was uncomfortable. The neck profile of the Aluminati bass really stands out to me. It has enough depth so your hand does not get tired but it has generously rounded shoulders so you can get your thumb over and be comfortable when you need it.

I really like the tall frets of the Aluminati neck. They make fretting and tapping a breeze. The flat radius also makes fast playing/hammer ons/pull offs easier. This bass has no truss rod but it set up right out of the box with extremely low action and no buzz once I got it set up. I am using 45 to 105 gauge strings. The best part about the bass neck is the sustain and clarity. From slapping to the most subtle noodling, it sounds exceptionally good. I have tried every high end alternative material bass on the market and this beats them all. If anyone is curious, I used a Warmoth Chambered P bass body for this project. I'm totally hooked. (This is a real review by the way, I realize it's over-the-top positive but this neck met and exceeded all my expectations.) I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars looking for the right bass so you better believe I'm excited to have found this!

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