Aluminati Nebula DX

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The same great curves and features as our Nebula but loaded with 2 Lollar Imperial pickups.

Our flagship guitar is made with our lightweight hollow 6061 grade aluminum guitar neck that won't warp from humidity or volatile temps and our molded carbon fiber fretboard that act as a heat sink for tuning stability. The molded carbon fiber fretboard and aluminum neck transmit sound instantaneously, so the attack is unbelievably fast. 

The chambered lucite body cuts weight and adds resonance. Add Lollar Imperial pickups, hand wired CTS pots, and our AlumiCrown bridge and you have a highly advanced piece of tech focused on sustainability and tonal dominance for any player. 

Not to mention weighing in around 8 pounds and coming with a lifetime warranty. 


* Our Signature 6061 T6 aluminum neck

* Molded High Modulus Carbon fretboard

* 12" radius with 22 stainless jumbo frets

* 25 1/2" scale with pearl inlays

* Lucite body

* Bolt on aluminum nut

* Recessed anodized aluminum pick guard

* AlumiCrown aluminum guitar bridge with Graphtech StringSaver saddles

* Lollar Imperial humbuckers with volume and tone control

* Sperzel tuners

* Hand-wired with CTS pots

* Hardshell Gator locking water resistant flight case

* Lifetime warranty

** Note that all anodization colors and our woven carbon fiber fretboards are upgrades to our standard products. The cost of these upgrades will be added to your total at checkout. **

These are limited run guitars made to order and will ship within 120 days. 

Select at checkout to put your 50% deposit down and the remainder will be charged to your card when we ship.


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