Aluminati Nebula DX

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The same great curves and features as our Nebula but loaded with 2 Lollar Imperial pickups.

Our Nebula guitar is built around our lightweight hollowtech 6061 T6 aluminum guitar neck that won't warp from humidity or volatile temps and our molded carbon fiber fretboard that adds tuning stability and tone. The molded carbon fiber fretboard and aluminum neck transmit string vibration instantaneously, so the attack is unbelievably fast. 

With our chambered lucite body comes resonance and midrange tone. Add Lollar pickups, hand wired CTS pots, and our Alumicrown bridge and you have a highly refined piece of sustainably built tech focused on tonal dominance that plays comfortably from the studio to the stage for a lifetime with zero maintenance! 


* Our Signature 6061 T6 aluminum neck

* Molded High Modulus Carbon fretboard

* 12" radius with 22 stainless jumbo frets

* 25 1/2" scale with pearl inlays.

* Chambered Lucite body

* Bolt on aluminum nut

* Recessed anodized aluminum pick guard

* AlumiCrown aluminum guitar bridge with Graphtech StringSaver saddles

* Lollar Imperial humbuckers with volume and tone control

* Sperzel Trim-Lok tuners

* Hand-wired with CTS pots

* Hardshell Gator locking water resistant flight case * Lifetime warrant

These are limited run guitars made to order and will ship within 160 days. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ken Thomas
Plays Like a Scalpel, Screams Like a Laceration

I think I own about 12 guitars. The Nebula DX jumped to the front of the pack the moment I opened the case.

The finish and quality are immediately apparent. There's obviously some serious thought and engineering in the design of this instrument, but when you pick one up you realize there's an equal amount of love and craftsmanship involved in building one. Everything about it says precision and attention to detail.

And that 'precision' metaphor carries over when you play it. I told a friend that it "plays like a scalpel and screams like a laceration." I don't really know how to describe it, but the attack is so fast and the tone is so crisp and clean that it makes my other guitars feel sloppy by comparison. It rewards good playing.

Speaking of tone, there's a lot more tonal versatility than I expected. Max the knobs and switch to the bridge pickup and it's an absolute screamer, but backing off the tone and volume will surprise you with how warm and full the tone can get, and the neck pickup adds a lot of depth. The sustain caught me off guard as well - I expected good sustain from an aluminum-necked guitar, but this thing sustains for days.

Let's be blunt - it's a serious chunk of change for something this new and innovative, but now that I've got one on my wall and I've had a chance to spend some time with it? I consider it money very well spent. I think you will too.

Best sounding ceiling light I’ve ever had

Took one of these and put some multi-color LEDs inside of the clear acrylic body and made it into a crazy light source on the ceiling of my Sprinter van. Hard to play it now when it’s mounted, but I still do sometimes, ha, and it sounds good.

Seriously though, when it’s not bolted into the roof of the van, it feels great, it’s the only neck I’ve really loved the feel of since my original Ibanez RG, but without a truss rod to adjust which is awesome, it’s just always straight m with super consistent string action. I’m a fan.

Drew Douglas
A Whole New World

I'v had a Nebula Dx for about 6 months now and I have to say I am blown away by the playability, design, and build of the entire instrument. I have owned and toured on vintage LP style guitars, boutique strats, and a slew of middle of the road guitars. For a long time I didn't see the point in spending thousands of dollars on a guitar. I assumed that the player makes all the difference, and they do, but as I continue to dive deeper into this long strange tonal trip, I understand that the tool is a conduit for the expression and well, some tools are simply better than others. If I am not inspired to play an instrument then musical ideas do not present themselves and at the end of the day the point is to exercise those demons! Or Angels, whatever your into. These instruments are built by a shop that has an arsenal of creatively and technically gifted people in it. From the manufacturing process to the hand finished details and everything in between, Aluminati gear is built to serve the muse and that is exactly what they do. They are fast, articulate, unique and simply fun to play. If you are a musician who is in it for the need of true inspired expression, these guitars are for you.

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