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Aluminati Guitars

Our ergonomically designed aluminum necks are extremely playable. The aluminum necks won't warp from humidity or volatile temps and our molded carbon fiber fretboards act as a heat sink for tuning stability. The molded carbon fiber fretboard and aluminum neck transmit sound instantaneously, so the attack is unbelievably fast. 

Truss rods are unnecessary in our aluminum and carbon construction. Our truss-less system combined with stainless frets ensures flawless playing with little to no maintenance for the life of the instrument. 

All models are built with our all-access heel-less neck joint for the most comfort, even in the highest registers.

Many of the features are fully customizable, from the colors to the components. Lefty versions are available at no additional cost. Oh, and did we mention you can choose a Lucite body that lights up? 

As each of our instruments is hand built there may be variances in surface finishes, anodizing, etc... We are constantly striving to build our instruments lighter and more resonant. With this, designs and prices are subject to change without notice.

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