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Spacemen t-shirts and cosmic coffee mugs

Spacemen t-shirts and cosmic coffee mugs

The highest technology is used to produce our guitars, so we decided to have our tee's from the best, most comfortable well wearing materials. And why not enjoy your favorite brew from a shiny white Aluminati mug with a hot pink logo? Maybe we will even start roasting our own coffe for you to put in it one day...


The Nebula aftermarket necks have landed!

The Nebula aftermarket necks have landed!
The lightest aluminum necks on the planet are now in stock!

Dual pickups

Solidworks for a dual Lollar Keystone
Dual Lollar Keystone

Greener than wood

Aluminati Guitars uses carbon fiber for tone, and to be ecologically responsible
Keeping our process green

The Keystone

Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada admiring his new signature model Keystone. Our aluminum neck milled from 7075 with high modulus carbon fretboard make this the lightest, most resonant aluminum guitar to date.
The most resonant and lightest weight aluminum neck guitar on the planet is now available from Aluminati Guitars.

Mike Hranica Keystone

Mike Hranica Keystone
After some exhaustive prototyping, we are getting ready for the production of the real deal! Can't wait to see and hear Mike playing one of these ...

Get excited, very excited

  Constantly moving forward. Doing things out of the ordinary. Setting new standards. Wanting to make an even more stable neck and lighter than an...

Why aluminum?

Why aluminum?
I always answer, why not? It has rich balanced tonal qualities, can be anodized in any color, doesn't warp in volatile temps or humidity, lasts vir...

New year, new site

We are excited to release our new improved website for 2018! All colors of AlumiCrown bridges are in stock, ready to ship. The new Mike Hranica Ke...