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We want to acknowledge that while we have not gotten out unscathed in 2020, we are grateful for being able to push forward in a time where so many have been stopped in their tracks or in many cases sent back to the starting line.  Many of our dear friends and colleagues have experienced the worst case scenario both professionally and personally. Our thoughts go out to all of you who find yourself doing all you can to maintain.  We hope that this coming year provides much needed relief and progress. A return to creativity and connection in the flesh...

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Aluminati Guitar Company, Aluminati Guitars, aluminum guitar, aluminum guitar neck, aluminum neck, boutique guitar, Lollar Pickups -

Nebula Classic and Nebula DX series Guitars: The Nebula Classic and The Nebula Dx are our flagship guitars that exemplify the Aluminati ethos. Every aspect of our Nebula Series Guitars are fine tuned with you, the player, in mind. We have gone to painstaking lengths to engineer the ultimate musical instrument from alternative and sustainable materials. Working seamlessly with musicians, machinists, and technicians that actively tour the world and lend their talents to developing components for F1 Racing, NASA, and world leading manufacturers of competitive mountain biking gear. All while keeping our manufacturing and assembly to a small yet mighty...

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Aluminati Guitar Company, Aluminati Guitars, Aluminum Bass Neck, aluminum guitar, aluminum guitar neck, aluminum neck, boutique guitar -

We get a lot of inquiries as to the playability of our aluminum guitar necks. Off the bat compared to wood there is no better or worse, only different and we like different. That being said, we have our preferences and we will point out why they are so.  Overall the playability of aluminum guitar necks are faster with an increased attack. Two very important dynamics. The smoothness of our brushed aluminum necks allows for the ability to glide and grip with ease. They do not become tacky as your hands sweat and they don't waiver due to stability of the...

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"When James and I began designing what would become the Keystone, I wanted to create an aluminum instrument that answered to the discrepancies I’ve experienced. Being a Bean and EGC lover, we were able to construct the sound of a proper aluminum guitar while also making something new. James is avid about not mimicking something that already exists and exists properly: I admire that. With that - the Aluminati Keystone. Removable, bolt-on aluminum nut, carbon fiber fretboard (acclimates to temperature less temperamentally than aluminum), adjustable pickup height from the rear of the guitar, and a through aluminum pickguard to ensure the resonance of an aluminum guitar (not just a bolt on aluminum neck). Such specifications allow the guitar to come in at a light seven pounds.” -Mike Hranica

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