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We want to acknowledge that while we have not gotten out unscathed in 2020, we are grateful for being able to push forward in a time where so many have been stopped in their tracks or in many cases sent back to the starting line.  Many of our dear friends and colleagues have experienced the worst case scenario both professionally and personally. Our thoughts go out to all of you who find yourself doing all you can to maintain.  We hope that this coming year provides much needed relief and progress. A return to creativity and connection in the flesh...

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Aluminati Guitar Company, Aluminati Guitars, Aluminium Bass, Aluminum Bass Neck, aluminum guitar, aluminum guitar neck, aluminum neck, Bass Guitar -

We are proud to unleash our Andromeda aluminum bass necks into the world! After a solid year and change of R&D, and a great reception to our pre-order release, we are now accepting production orders on these fine aluminum bass necks! Weighing in at only 2.5 pounds and coming in 11 fresh colors with a lifetime warranty, you can't lose.

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